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British Broadcasting Corporation

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Stations and streams from this source

Follow the (i) link next to any station for schedule listings and other information.
BBC Afghan [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Multilingual)       (i)  
BBC Afrique [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, French)       (i)  
BBC Amharic [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Amharic)       (i)  
BBC Arabic [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Arabic)       (i)  
BBC Arabic TV [MP3][DASH]    (international, Arabic)       (i)  
BBC Asian Network [HLS][HLS]    (ethnic/variety, Multilingual)       (i)  (28 listings)
BBC Bangla [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Bengali)       (i)  
BBC Burmese [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Burmese)       (i)  
BBC Cantonese [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Cantonese)       (i)  
BBC CWR [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (31 listings)
BBC Dari [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Persian)       (i)  
BBC Essex [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (29 listings)
BBC Gahuza [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Rwanda-Rundi)       (i)  
BBC Hausa [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Hausa)       (i)  
BBC Hereford and Worcester [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (28 listings)
BBC Hindi [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Hindi)       (i)  
BBC Indonesia [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Indonesian)       (i)  
BBC Korean [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Korean)       (i)  
BBC Kyrgyz [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Kyrgyz)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 1 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 65 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 66 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 67 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 68 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 69 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 70 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 71 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 72 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 73 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 74 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 75 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 76 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 77 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 78 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 79 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 80 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 81 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 82 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 83 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 84 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 85 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 86 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 87 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Live Event 88 [HLS][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (sports/events)       (i)  
BBC Nepali [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Nepali)       (i)  
BBC News TV Asia Pacific [HLS]    (news/talk/variety)       (i)  
BBC News TV N America [DASH][DASH]    (news/talk/variety)       (i)  
BBC News TV UK [HLS][HLS][DASH]    (news/talk/variety)       (i)  
BBC Oromo [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Oromo)       (i)  
BBC Pashto [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Pashto)       (i)  
BBC Persian [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Persian)       (i)  
BBC Persian TV [HLS][DASH]    (international, Persian)       (i)  
BBC R Berkshire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (33 listings)
BBC R Bristol [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (39 listings)
BBC R Cambridgeshire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (37 listings)
BBC R Cornwall [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (29 listings)
BBC R Cumbria [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (37 listings)
BBC R Cymru [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional, Welsh)       (i)  
BBC R Cymru 2 [HLS][HLS]    (variety, Welsh)       (i)  
BBC R Derby [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (30 listings)
BBC R Devon [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (30 listings)
BBC R Foyle [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (80 listings)
BBC R Gloucestershire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (34 listings)
BBC R Guernsey [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (29 listings)
BBC R Humberside [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (38 listings)
BBC R Jersey [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (26 listings)
BBC R Kent [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (31 listings)
BBC R Lancashire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (37 listings)
BBC R Leeds [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (35 listings)
BBC R Leicester [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (37 listings)
BBC R Lincolnshire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (33 listings)
BBC R London [HLS][HLS]    (talk/contemporary/regional)       (i)  (30 listings)
BBC R Manchester [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (39 listings)
BBC R Merseyside [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (44 listings)
BBC R Nan Gaidheal [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional, Gaelic)       (i)  
BBC R Newcastle [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (33 listings)
BBC R Norfolk [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (38 listings)
BBC R Northampton [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (33 listings)
BBC R Nottingham [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (26 listings)
BBC R Orkney [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  
BBC R Oxford [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (28 listings)
BBC R Scotland [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (49 listings)
BBC R Scotland Extra [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (51 listings)
BBC R Sheffield [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (36 listings)
BBC R Shetland [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  
BBC R Shropshire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (27 listings)
BBC R Solent [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  
BBC R Solent Dorset [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  
BBC R Somerset [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (41 listings)
BBC R Stoke [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (35 listings)
BBC R Suffolk [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (32 listings)
BBC R Surrey [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (34 listings)
BBC R Sussex [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (36 listings)
BBC R Tees [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (38 listings)
BBC R Ulster [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (85 listings)
BBC R Wales [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (79 listings)
BBC R Wales Extra [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  
BBC R Wiltshire [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (31 listings)
BBC R York [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (35 listings)
BBC R1 [HLS][HLS]    (contemporary)       (i)  (43 listings)
BBC R1 Dance [HLS][HLS]    (contemporary)       (i)  
BBC R1 Relax [HLS][HLS]    (contemporary)       (i)  
BBC R1 Xtra [HLS][HLS]    (r-and-b)       (i)  (39 listings)
BBC R2 [HLS][HLS]    (adult contemporary)       (i)  (56 listings)
BBC R3 [HLS][HLS]    (classical)       (i)  (44 listings)
BBC R4 [HLS][HLS]    (news/talk/variety)       (i)  (210 listings)
BBC R4 Extra [HLS][HLS]    (talk/reading/youth)       (i)  (254 listings)
BBC R4 LW [HLS][HLS]    (news/talk/variety)       (i)  (224 listings)
BBC R5 Live [HLS][HLS]    (news/talk/sports)       (i)  (54 listings)
BBC R6 Music [HLS][HLS]    (adult alternative)       (i)  (41 listings)
BBC Sinhala [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Sinhala)       (i)  
BBC Somali [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Somali)       (i)  
BBC Swahili [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Swahili)       (i)  
BBC Tamil [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Tamil)       (i)  
BBC Three Counties R [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (36 listings)
BBC Tigrinya [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Tigrigna)       (i)  
BBC Urdu [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Urdu)       (i)  
BBC Uzbek [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international, Uzbek)       (i)  
BBC WM [HLS][HLS]    (full service/regional)       (i)  (36 listings)
BBC WS Americas [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (184 listings)
BBC WS Australasia [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (185 listings)
BBC WS E Africa [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (212 listings)
BBC WS E Asia [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (185 listings)
BBC WS Europe [HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (177 listings)
BBC WS News Internet [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international/news)       (i)  (184 listings)
BBC WS S Asia [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (185 listings)
BBC WS UK Internet [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (178 listings)
BBC WS W Africa [MP3][HLS][HLS][DASH]    (international)       (i)  (195 listings)

Programs from this source

Follow the (i) link next to any program for schedule listings and audio links.
15 Minute Drama (literature/drama)   (i)  (7 broadcasts)
5 live Breakfast (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
5 live Daily (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
5 live Drive (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
5 live Formula 1 (sports)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
5 live Investigates (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
5 live Science (science/tech)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
5 live Sport (sports)   (i)  (18 broadcasts)
6 Music Classic Concert (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
6 Music Live Hour (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
6 Music Recommends (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
6 Music's Jukebox (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
606 (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
A Good Read (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
A Kist o Wurds (literature/drama)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
A Point of View (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
A Touch of Soul (urban music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
A.Dot (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Absolutely Clueless (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ace (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Across the Line (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Adam Green and Vicki Archer (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Adam Powell (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Adam Tomlinson (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Adam Tomlinson and Joanita Musisi (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Adam Walton (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Adele Roberts (urban music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ady Dayman (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Afternoon Drama (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Afternoon Edition (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Afternoon on 3 (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Afternoon with Allison Ferns (magazine)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Ajmal Hussain (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Al Ryan (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alan Clifford (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alan Thompson (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Aled Jones (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Alex Lester (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alex Lester (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alex Lester at Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alfie and Anna at Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ali Jones (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ali Vowles (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alice Levine (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alison and Daz (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Alison Butterworth and Phil Trow (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
All in the Mind (health)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
All Things Considered (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Allan Beswick's Late Night Phone-In (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Amy Claridge (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
An Nowodhow (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ana Matronic's Disco Devotion (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Andrew Easton (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Andrew Edwards (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Andrew Hislop (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Andrew Peach (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Andy Collins (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Andy Comfort (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Andy Crane (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Andy Twigge (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Andy Whittaker and Sarah Julian (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Andy Wood (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Anna King (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Anne Diamond (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Anneka Rice: The Happening (culture/arts)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Annie Nightingale (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Another Country with Ricky Ross (folk music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Anthony Isaacs (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Any Answers? (politics/issues)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Any Questions? (politics/issues)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Archive on 4 (documentary)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Artists (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
As BBC Radio 5 live (miscellaneous)   (i)  (89 broadcasts)
Asa Murphy (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ashanti Omkar (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Asian Network Presents (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Asian Network Reports (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Asian Network's Big Debate (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Asian Network's Friday Night Residency (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
At Home With Gregory Porter (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
B.Traits (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ballylenon (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Introducing (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Sport: Sport at Six (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Sport: The Sky Blues phone-in (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Essex Quest (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Essex Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Essex Sport - Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Essex Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Hereford & Worcester Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Inside Science (science/tech)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
BBC Introducing - The South (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Introducing from Stoke (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts and Bucks (live music/variety)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Berkshire (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Cambridgeshire (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Cornwall (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Introducing in Cumbria (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Introducing in Derbyshire and East Staffordshire (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Devon (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Essex (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Guernsey (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester (live music/variety)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Kent (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Lancashire (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Leicestershire and Rutland (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Manchester (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Merseyside (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Norfolk (pop/rock music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC Introducing in Northampton (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Nottinghamshire (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Oxford (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Sheffield (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Shropshire (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in Suffolk (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in the North East (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in the West (pop/rock music)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing in York and North Yorkshire (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Introducing on Radio Humberside (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Music Introducing in Jersey (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Newcastle Music Mix (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Performing Groups (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra's Stories (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio 1's Residency (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio 1Xtra's Stories (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Special (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Cornwall Special (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Cornwall Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Cumbria Sport (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Cumbria Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Cumbria Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Devon Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Devon Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Gloucestershire Sport (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Guernsey Special (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Kent Breakfast (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Lancashire Special (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Leeds Special (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Leicester Special (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Leicester Sport: Commentary (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Leicester Sport: Full-Time (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Leicester Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio London Introducing (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio London Sport (sports)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
BBC Radio London Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Oxford Sport: Commentary (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Oxford Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Sheffield Special (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Radio Suffolk Sport: Matchday (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Suffolk Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Radio Ulster School Choir of the Year (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Surrey Drive at 5 (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Surrey Special (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Sussex Drive at 5 (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Sussex Special (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Tees Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC Tees Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC Tees Sport: Commentary (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC Tees Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC Tees Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC Three Counties Radio Special (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BBC WM 95.6 Introducing (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC WM 95.6 Sport (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC WM 95.6 Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC WM 95.6 Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
BBC World News America (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
BBC World News TV (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
BCFM (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Beat Surrender (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Becky Want (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Beef and Dairy Network (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Belfast Marathon Live (live music/variety)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Believe It! (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Bells on Sunday (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Ben Jackson (documentary)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ben McGrail (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ben Prater (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Benji B (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Benny Hill (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Bernie Keith (magazine)   (i)  (7 broadcasts)
Beverley's World of Music (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Bill Buckley (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Bill Kenwright's Golden Years (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Billy Butler (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Billy Maher (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Billy Sloan (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Births, Deaths and Marriages (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Blas (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Blas Ceoil (live music/variety)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Blue Tuesday (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Bob Brolly's Irish Programme (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Bob Fischer (magazine)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Bob Harris Country (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Bobby Friction (world music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Book at Bedtime (literature/drama)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Book of the Week (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Bookclub (culture/arts)   (i)  (podcast)
Booked (quiz)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Brain of Britain (quiz)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Braithwaite's Country (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Breakfast (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Breakfast on BBC Surrey (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Breaking the News (quiz)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Bridgitte Tetteh (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Brigid and Dave (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Broadcasting House (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Brody Swain (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Bryan Adams Rocks! (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Bryony Lavery - 272 Attempts (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Call Rob Phillips (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Cambridgeshire Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Cambridgeshire Sport: The Post-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Cameron Ward (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing (funny)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Canary Call (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Caroline Martin (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Caroline Robertson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Carson Wishart (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Caschlár: A World of Music (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Cel Spellman (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Celebration (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Celtic Heartbeat (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Cerys Matthews (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Charles Chaplin - My Autobiography (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Charles Nove (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Charlie McArdle (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Charlie Sloth (urban music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Charlie Taylor (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Charlie Thompson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Chelsea Norris (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Cherry and White Wednesday (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Choral Evensong (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Chris Berrow (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Chris Berrow (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Chris Donald's Soul Club (urban music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Chris Hawkins (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Chris Mann’s Drivetime (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Chris Needs (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Chris South Gardening (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Chrissie Jackson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Claire Carter (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Claire Cavanagh (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Clara Amfo (urban music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Clare Frisby (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Clare in the Community (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Clare Teal (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Classic Serial (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Classical Choice (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Classical Connections with John Toal (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Classics Unwrapped (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Claudia on Sunday (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Clive Eakin (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Clowning Around on 4 Extra (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Clueless (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Clueless with Richard Lewis (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Colin Berry (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Colin Hoult's Carnival of Monsters (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Colin Swash - Paradise Lost in Space (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Colin Young (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Colin Young's Trunk of Funk (pop/rock music)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Comedy Club at Machynlleth (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Community Radio Show (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Composer of the Week (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Connections (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Control Group Six (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Cornwall Connected (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Coronavirus Newscast (health)   (i)  (podcast)
Costing the Earth (science/tech)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Countdown to kick-off (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Country Focus (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Cowards (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Craig Warner - A Sense of Things Moving Forward (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Crossing Continents (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Culture, Class and Marine Le Pen (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Dad's Army (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Daily Service (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dan Chisholm (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Danny Howard (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Danny Kelly (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Danny Pike (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Daryl Denham (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dave Bradley (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dave Monk (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David Allen (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
David Burns (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
David Earl (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David FitzGerald (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
David Miller (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
David Napthine - Unforgettable (literature/drama)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David Prever (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David Prever (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David Reeves (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David Rodigan (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
David Sheppard (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
David Smith (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
David White (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Dawn Chorus (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Daybreak (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Deacon Blue: 30 Years of Raintown (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Dean Jackson (quiz)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Dean Pepall (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Debbie McCrory (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Debbie McGee (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Deborah Frances-White Rolls the Dice (funny)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Den Siegertsz (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Desert Island Discs (documentary)   (i)  (podcast)
Desert Island Discs Revisited (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Desi Nation (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dev (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Devine County (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Devon Daley (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Dilemma (quiz)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Diplo and Friends (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Dipps Bhamrah (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
DJ Edu - Destination Africa (world music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
DJ Target (urban music)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Dominic Busby (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dominic Cotter (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dominic King (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Don Letts' Culture Clash Radio (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Donna Birrell (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dot Davies (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dotun Adebayo (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Down to Earth (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dr Rock (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Drama (literature/drama)   (i)  (8 broadcasts)
Drama on 3 (literature/drama)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Drivetime with Eddie Nestor (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Dulcie Dixon (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Duncan Barkes (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Duncan Warren (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eamonn O'Neal (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eamonn O'Neal and Jimmy Wagg (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Early Kick-off (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Early Music Late (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eastern Air (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eastern Horizon (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ed Stagg (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ed Stagg (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Edith Wharton - The Reef (literature/drama)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Edward Adoo (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Elaine Paige on Sunday (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Elastic Planet (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Electric Ink (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Electric Mainline (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eleri Sion (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Elis James's Pantheon of Heroes (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ella Fitzgerald - The First Lady of Song (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ella Fitzgerald: A Glorious Noise (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Elliott and Toni at Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Elliott Webb (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Elly Fiorentini (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Emma Britton (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eric Smith - Shropshire Breakfast (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eric Smith and Clare Ashford (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Essential Classics (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Euan Mahy (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
EV Crowe - I Confess: Omnibus (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Evening Extra (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Everything You Think About Sport Is Wrong (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Exposure (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Extra Time (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Eye of the Storm (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
F.N.A.T (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Farm Gate (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Farming Today (science/tech)   (i)  (6 broadcasts+podcast)
Farming Today this week (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Faye Hatcher (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Fighting Talk (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Final Whistle (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Five Live Football Daily (sports)   (i)  (podcast)
Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Flitting to France: A New Alliance (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Folk Club with Lynette Fay (folk music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Folkscene (folk music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Food Programme (food/home)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Football Forum (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Football Heaven (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Football Heaven Live (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Four Thought (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Foyle Sportsound (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Frances Finn (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Frankie Connor (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Frankly Speaking (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Freddy Zapp (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Free Thinking (culture/arts)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Friction (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Friday Football (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Friday Night Is Music Night (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Friday Night Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Friday Night Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Friday Night Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Friday Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
From Edison to iTunes: A History of the Record Label (science/tech)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
From Our Home Correspondent (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
From Our Own Correspondent (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Front Row (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
FutureProofing (documentary)   (i)  (podcast)
Gaby Roslin (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gagan Grewal (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gagan Grewal (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Garden Mania with Marian Foster (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gardeners' Corner (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Gardeners' Question Time (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Gardening (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gardening Phone-in (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gareth Gwynn (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gary Copley (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gary Crowley (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gary Hickson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gary Philipson (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gary Philipson (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gayle Lofthouse (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk (world music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Geoff Barker (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Geoff Barker's Rock 'n' Roll Party (pop/rock music)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Geoffrey Smith's Jazz (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Georgey Spanswick (talk)   (i)  (39 broadcasts)
Georgina Wroe (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Georgy Jamieson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gerald Jackson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gerald Main (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gerry Kelly (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Get It On... With Bryan Burnett (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gideon Coe (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gilles Peterson (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gillham Gold (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gillham Gold (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Gilly Hope (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Glass Half Full (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Gloomsbury (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Goffy (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Gold and Treasure (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Good Evening Wales (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Good Morning (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Good Morning Jersey (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Good Morning Jersey Saturday (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Good Morning Jersey Sunday (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Good Morning Scotland (news)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Good Morning Sunday (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Good Morning Ulster (news)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Good Morning Wales (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gordon Sparks (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Gordon Swindlehurst (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Graham Barnard (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Graham Dene (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Graham Liver (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Graham Mack (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Graham Norton (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Graham Pass (talk)   (i)  (10 broadcasts)
Graham Rogers (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Graham Seaman (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Graham Torrington (talk)   (i)  (9 broadcasts)
Great Lives (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Great Scott! It's Terry Scott (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Greg James (pop/rock music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Guernsey Sportscene (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Guess What? (quiz)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Guy Garvey's Finest Hour (eclectic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Guz Khan (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Hal (funny)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Hancock's Half Hour (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Harmony Night (pop/rock music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Harpz Kaur (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Harry King (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Having a Gas (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Hear and Now (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Hearing With Hegley (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Helen Blaby (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Helen Legh (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Henry's Jukebox (pop/rock music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Herdle White (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Home Front (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Home Front - Omnibus (miscellaneous)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
How Tickled Am I? (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Howard Bentham (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Howard Hughes (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Howard Leader (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Howard Pressman (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Huey Morgan (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Hugo Duncan (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Humberside Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Humberside Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Humberside Sport: Rugby League (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Huw Stephens (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Hymn Half Hour (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Hymns on Sunday (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
I Was There (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Iain Anderson (jazz music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ian Kennedy (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ian Skye (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ian Timms (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ian Wyatt (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Iggy Pop (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
In Business (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
In Our Time (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
In Praise of God (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
In the Garden with Neil Grant (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
In Their Element (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
In Touch (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
In Tune (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Indus (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Inheritance Tracks (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Inside Business (business)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Inside Politics (politics/issues)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Inside Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Insight (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Inspirit with Jumoke Fashola (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
iPM (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Irish Eye (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Isla Blatchford (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jacko's Sporting Almanac (miscellaneous)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
James Acaster's Findings (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Cannon (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Churchfield (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Churchfield and Pam Spriggs (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Hazell (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Hoggarth (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Thomas (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Watt on BBC Radio Stoke (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
James Whale (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jamie Cullum (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jamie Cullum (jazz music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jamie Owen (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jamz Supernova (urban music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Janet Kipling (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Janice Long Live at Cheltenham Jazz Festival (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jason Hardy (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jason Mohammad (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jason Rosam (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jazz Club with Walter Love (jazz music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jazz Line-Up (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jazz Nights at the Quay (jazz music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jazz Now (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jazz on BBC Radio Suffolk (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jazz Record Requests (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jazz with John Hellings (jazz music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Jazz World with Linley Hamilton (jazz music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jenny Kendall-Tobias (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jenny Lee Summers (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jeremy Vine (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jericho Keys (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jersey at One (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jill Barkley (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jim Cathcart (documentary)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jim Davis and Jo Hayward (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jim Hawkins in the Morning (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jimmy McCracken (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jo Davies (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jo Good (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jo Good and Simon Lederman (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jo Loosemore (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jo Whiley (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Joanna Twist (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jodi Law (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Joe Costin (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Joe Talbot (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Joe Wilson (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Joey Coyne (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Barnes (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Beattie (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
John Caine (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Darvall (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Foster (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Gielgud - An Actor in His Time (documentary)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Gillmore (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
John Hellings (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
John Holmes (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
John Kane’s Northern Soul (urban music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
John Leech (urban music)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
John Lipscombe (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
John Mann (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
John Randall (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
John Rose (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Johnny Coppin (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Johnny I'Anson (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jon Ozanne (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jon Smith (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jon Wright (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jon Wynne-Tyson - Marvellous Party (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Jona Kotnis (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jonathan Cowap (news)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Jonathan Fido (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Jonathan Lampon (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jonathan Morrell (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jonathan Ray (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jono Brine (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Jools Holland (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Josie Long: All of the Planet's Wonders (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Jules Bellerby (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Julia George (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Julia Lewis (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Julie Skentelbery (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Juliet Ace - Dead-Heading the Roses (literature/drama)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Justin Dealey (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Justine Greene (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kamlesh Purohit (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kan D Man and DJ Limelight (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kat Cowan (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Kat Harbourne (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Kat Orman (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kate Justice (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Kath Melandri on BBC Essex (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Katherine Mansfield - The Montana Stories (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Kathryn Apanowicz (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kaval Vasser (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kay Crewdson (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Kaz Hawkins Got The Blues (jazz music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Keith Fletcher (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Keith Skues (pop/rock music)   (i)  (7 broadcasts)
Keith Wedgebury (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ken Bruce (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ken Crowther (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Kent Folk (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Kerry McLean (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kerry White (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Kevin Eldon Will See You Now (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Kevin Fernihough (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kevin Philemon and Primrose Granville (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Kim Lenaghan (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Kirsteen Thorne (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Kirsten O'Brien (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lamont Howie (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lancashire Bluenotes (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Larry and Paul (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Last Word (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Late Junction (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Laura Rawlings (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lauren Laverne (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Laurence Reed (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Leading From the Front (classical music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Lee and Herring's Fist of Fun (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Leicester City Boot Room (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Leicester City Football Forum (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Leicester Tigers Rugby Show (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lembit Opik (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Lesley Dolphin (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Liam Bradford (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Life at Absolute Zero (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Life in the Man Desert (miscellaneous)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Life Stories (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Life's a Pitch (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lincolnshire Farming (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Linda McDermott (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lisa Marrey (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lisa McCormick (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lisa Shaw (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Listen to the Band (live music/variety)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Live-ish (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Livvy and Chrissie (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Liz Ellis (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Liz Green (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Liz Kershaw (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Liza Tarbuck (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Llewela Bailey (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Local Report (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Loose Ends (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Lorna Bailey (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Love at Arms: Edith Evans and Michael Redgrave (literature/drama)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Lucy Tegg (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Luke Deal (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Lunchtime Live (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Lynn Bowles (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Maggy Whitehouse (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mal Pope (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Malcolm Boyden (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Manchester Sports (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Manchester Sports: Matchday build-up (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Manchester Sports: Phone-in (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Manchester Sports: Weekend Preview (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Manny Masih (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Marc Riley (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Marian McNamee (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Marie Crichton's Country Show (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mark Carter (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Mark Cummings (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mark Dean (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mark Dennison (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mark Gatiss - The Devil in Amber (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mark Murphy (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mark Punter (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mark Rylance - Golden Lads and Girls (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Mark Steel's in Town (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mark Thomas: The Manifesto (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Marketing: Hacking the Unconscious (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Marriage Lines (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Martin Ballard (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Martin Heath (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Martin Roberts (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Martyn Williams (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Mary Anne Hobbs (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchday (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchday Live (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchday Live (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchday Live: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchday Live: The Build-Up (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchday Live: The Verdict (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchnight Live (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matchtalk (sports)   (i)  (podcast)
Matt Faulkner (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Matt Marvel (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matt Woodley (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matt Woodley and Pippa Quelch (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Matthew Gudgin (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Matthew Price (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mawaan and Emily (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Maxine Mallen (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Melissa Murray - Mackerel Fishing (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Melvyn in the Morning (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Memorable Melodies with Mike Carey (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Merseyside Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Merseyside Sport: News and updates (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Merseyside Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Merseyside Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Merseyside Sport: Rugby League (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Merseyside Sport: Try Time (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Michael Poulter (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Midlands Masala (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Midnight News (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Mike Allbut (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mike Hill (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mike Naylor (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mike Parr (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mike Shaft (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mike Sweeney (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mike Wyer (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Mike Zeller (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mim Shaikh (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mim Shaikh (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mirrored (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
MistaJam (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Moira Stuart (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mollie Green (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Mollie Green (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Money Box (business)   (i)  (6 broadcasts+podcast)
Money for Nothing (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Monica Winfield (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Monki (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
More or Less (magazine)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Morning Reports (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Morning Service (live music/variety)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
MOTD2 Extra (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Mr Finchley Takes the Road (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Music Box (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Music Matters (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
My Dad's Diary (miscellaneous)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
My London (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Nadia Ali (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Naked Scientists (science/tech)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Naked Scientists (science/tech)   (i)  (21 broadcasts+podcast)
Natasha Raskin Sharp (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Neil Foster (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Neil Rudd (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Nemone's Electric Ladyland (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Network Gold (pop/rock music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
New Every Sunday (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
New Voices (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
News (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
News and Papers (news)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
News and Weather (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
News Briefing (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
News Headlines (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
News Headlines; Shipping Forecast (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
News Quiz Extra (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
News Summary (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Newsbeat (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Newsdrive (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
NewsPod (news)   (i)  (podcast)
Nice 'n' Easy (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Ahad (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Nick Bright (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Carter (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Coffer (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Conrad (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Piercey (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Risby (talk)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Nick Roberts (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nick Robins (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Nicky Price (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Niel Jackson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nigel Dyson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Nina Das Gupta (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
No Commitments (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Noreen Khan (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
North East Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
North East Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
North East Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Northamptonshire Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Northamptonshire Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Northamptonshire Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Now Playing @6Music (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Off the Ball (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Off the Page (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Old Dog and Partridge (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Omnibus (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
On the Beat (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
On The Wire (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
On Your Behalf (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
On Your Farm (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
One to One (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Only Artists (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Open Book (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Open Country (science/tech)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Opening Lines (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Opera on 3 (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Orient Express (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Original British Dramatists 2015 (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Out for the Weekend (weather)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Out of Doors (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Paddy MacDee (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Pam Leeson - The Unhearable (miscellaneous)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pam Spriggs (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Panjabi Hit Squad (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paperback Writers (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Parle Patel (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Pat Marsh and Erika North (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Beesley (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Paul Braithwaite (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Coia (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Paul Hudson (weather)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Hudson's Weather Show (weather)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Paul Jones (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Miller (talk)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Paul Miller Soul Show (jazz music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Paul O'Grady (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Robey (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Salt (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Paul Shuttleworth (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Paul Temple (literature/drama)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Paulette Edwards (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Perry Spiller (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Personal Best (health)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Pete Tong (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Pete Waterman (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pete Wilson (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Peter Day's World of Business (business)   (i)  (podcast)
Peter Holmes (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Petrie Hosken (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Phil Butler (magazine)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Phil Hammond (health)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Phil Kennedy (magazine)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Phil Taggart (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Phil Taylor (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Phil Trow and Chelsea Norris (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Phil Upton (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Phil White (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Phil Williams (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Pick of the Pops (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pick of the Week (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pick of the Week (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Pick of the Week Ulster Foyle (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pienaar's Politics (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Pipeline (folk music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pirate Gold (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
PM (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Poachings (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Poetry Extra (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Poetry Please (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Political Animals (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Praise and Grumble (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Praise or Grumble (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Prayer for the Day (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Preeya Kalidas (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Private Passions (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Profile (documentary)   (i)  (6 broadcasts+podcast)
Punt PI (documentary)   (i)  (podcast)
Quatrophonic (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Question Time Extra Time (politics/issues)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rachel Joyce - Talking (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Rachel Sloane (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radcliffe and Maconie (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio 1's Artist Takeover with... (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio 1's Most Played (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio 1's Specialist Chart with Phil Taggart (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio 2 Playlists (pop/rock music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Radio 2's Showtunes Playlist (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio 3 in Concert (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio 4 Appeal (miscellaneous)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Radio 4 at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival with Elis James (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio Foyle News (news)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Radio Ulster News (news)   (i)  (29 broadcasts)
Radio Wales Arts Show (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Radio Wales News at One (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Radio Wales Sport (sports)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Raj and Pablo (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ralph McLean - Country (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ralph McLean - Local Voices (eclectic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ralph McLean - Rock and Soul (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ray Bradbury - Tales of the Bizarre (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ray Clark (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Recital (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Record Review (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Red Wednesday (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Rejoice (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Reluctant Persuaders (funny)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Remembering Ella (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rhod Gilbert (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Richard Atkins (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Richard Corrie (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Richard Green’s Vintage Chart Show (pop/rock music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Richard Searling (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Richard Spendlove (talk)   (i)  (8 broadcasts)
Richard Spurr (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Richard Stead (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Richard Williams (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Richie Anderson (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Rick Edwards (talk)   (i)  (8 broadcasts)
Rob Jelly (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rob Newman's Neuropolis (funny)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Rob Underwood (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Robert Elms (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Roberto Perrone (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rock Show with Daniel P Carter (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rockers Rollin' (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rod Whiting (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Roddy Hart (folk music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Rodeo Norfolk (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Roger Day (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Roger Phillips (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ronald Frame Short Stories (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ronnie Barbour (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rony Robinson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Room for Refugees (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Roy Noble (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Rugby League Extra (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Rugby Union Extra (sports)   (i)  (podcast)
Russell Walker (talk)   (i)  (7 broadcasts)
Ryan Davies: Clown Prince of Wales (documentary)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ryan Kennedy (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sadie Nine (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saima Ajram (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sally Fairfax (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sally Moon (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sally Naden and Brett Davison (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sally Pepper (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sarah Bailey (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sarah Gorrell (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sarah Hall - Wolf Border Omnibus (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sarah Julian (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sarah Major (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sarah Walker (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday afternoon (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Saturday Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast with Ali Vowles (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Breakfast with Dermot (culture/arts)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Classics (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Saturday Club with John Bennett (older popular music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Saturday Drama (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Saturday Live (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Saturday Night with Carlos (talk)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Saturday Review (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Saturday Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Saturday Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Satvinder Rana (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Science Cafe (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Scott Dalton (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Scott Mills (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sean Coyle (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sean Rowley – All Back To Mine (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sean Styles (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Seani B (urban music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Semtex (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Shappi Talk (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Shaun Hodgetts (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Shaun Keaveny (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Shaun Tilley's 70s and 80s Heaven (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Shereen (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Shipping Forecast (weather)   (i)  (7 broadcasts)
Shirley Gee - Moonshine (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Short Cuts (documentary)   (i)  (37 broadcasts)
Short Works (literature/drama)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Shourjo Sarkar (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Shropshire United (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sian Anderson (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Simon Lederman (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Simon Logan (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Simon Mayo Drivetime (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Simon Mayo Drivetime (pop/rock music)   (i)  (podcast)
Simon Talbot (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sior Coleman (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Six O'Clock News (news)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Snapshots in the Dark (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Snooker Heaven (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Somer Valley FM (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Somerset Decides 2017 (politics/issues)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Something Understood (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Songbook with Eamon Friel (miscellaneous)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Songs from the Shows (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sophie Law (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Soul Music (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Soul on Sunday (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Soul on Trent (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sound of Cinema (older popular music)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Sound of the City (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sounds Like Saturday Night (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sounds Of Brass (classical music)   (i)  (8 broadcasts)
Sounds of the 60s (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sounds of the 80s (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sounds Sacred (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Spendlove and South (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport (sports)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport at Six (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport on BBC Radio Berkshire (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport on BBC Radio Berkshire: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport on BBC Radio Berkshire: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport on BBC Radio Norfolk (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport on BBC Radio Norfolk: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport on BBC Radio Shropshire (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sport on BBC Radio Stoke (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Sport on BBC Radio Stoke: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Sport on BBC Sussex (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport Weekend Preview (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sport: The Final Whistle (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sports Report (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sports Special (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sports Talk (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sportscene (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sportscene (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sportscene Talk-In (sports)   (i)  (podcast)
Sportscene: Final (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sportscene: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sportsound (sports)   (i)  (9 broadcasts)
Sportsound (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sportsweek (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Start the Week (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Start/Stop (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stephanie Hirst (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stephen Bumfrey (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stephen Foster (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stephen Lowe (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Stephen McCauley (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Stephen Nolan (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stereo Underground (pop/rock music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Steve Bailey (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Steve Cherelle's Big Country Show (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (6 broadcasts)
Steve Jackson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve Kitchen (news)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Steve Lamacq (eclectic music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Steve Lamacq's Roundtable (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve Madden (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Steve Massam (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve N Allen (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve Royle (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve Scruton (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve White (talk)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Steve Wright in the Afternoon (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Steve Yabsley (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stories in Sound (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Strap In - It's Clever Peter (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Strictly Dance Hall (culture/arts)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Stuart Barrett (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Stuart George (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Stuart Linnell at Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Such Rotten Luck (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Sue Davies (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sue Marchant (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Sue Sweeney (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sue Taylor (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Sunday Best (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Breakfast (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Breakfast (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Breakfast with Emily Jeffery (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunday Breakfast with Pam Mungroo (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Club with John Bennett (older popular music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunday Feature (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Gardening (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Mid-morning (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Mid-Morning (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Morning (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Morning with... (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunday Night Soul (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday night with Joe and Nikki (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunday Sequence (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunday Service (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Songbook (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunday Supplement (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Sunday with Brian D'Arcy (older popular music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunday Worship (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sunny and Shay (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Sunny and Shay (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sussex Breakfast (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Sylvie Blackmore (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Take the Floor (folk music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Talkback (news)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Talking History (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tammy Gooding (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
TED Radio Hour (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Ted Robbins (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ted Robbins (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Telling Tales (culture/arts)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Thadeous Matthews (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The 2017 Show (talk)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The Actress: Edith Evans Talks About the Stage (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Archers (literature/drama)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
The Archers Omnibus (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
The Arts Show (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Attractive Young Rabbi (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The BBC Introducing Mixtape (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Beat (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Big Conversation with Paul Stainton (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Blame Game (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
The Breakfast Show (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Breakfast Show with Trish Adudu (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Briefing Room (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
The Burkiss Way (funny)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Chess Records Story (jazz music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Choir (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Chris Evans Breakfast Show (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Chuck Berry Story (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Comedy Club Interviews (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Consultants (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Country Show (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Countryside Hour (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (podcast)
The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Craig Charles House Party (urban music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Danny Baker Show (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
The Digital Human (science/tech)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
The Dotty McLeod Breakfast Show (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Drift (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Durbervilles (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Early Music Show (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
The Early Show (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Early Show (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Echo Chamber (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Essay (culture/arts)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
The Far Post (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Film Programme (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe (folk music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Foodie (food/home)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The Frankie Howerd Variety Show (live music/variety)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Friday Sports Panel (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Garden Party (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Golden Years (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Goon Show (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The Great Gloucestershire Road Trip (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Great Outdoors (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Huey Show (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Hunt (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Ideas That Make Us (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The In Crowd (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Invention of... (miscellaneous)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Islands at Five (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Islands at One (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The iTimms Playlist (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Janice Forsyth Show (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The John Toal Show (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Jones Brothers (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Joy of 6 (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The JVS Show (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Kaye Adams Programme (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Kitchen Cabinet (quiz)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
The Kitchen Café (food/home)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
The Late Paul Barnes (jazz music)   (i)  (7 broadcasts)
The Late Show (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Late Show with Eve Blair (folk music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Life Scientific (science/tech)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
The Listening Project (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Listening Project (documentary)   (i)  (10 broadcasts)
The Listening Project (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Listening Service (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
The London Marathon (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Lost Cockney Voice (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Lynette Fay Show (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Mark Patterson Show (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Martin Evans Show (live music/variety)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Matt Edmondson Show (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Mavericks (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Media Show (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
The Men From the Ministry (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The Michael Ball Show (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Mickey Bradley Record Show (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Monday Football Hour (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Navy Lark (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The New Blur Album (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The News at One (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The News Hour (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The News Quiz (quiz)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Nolan Show (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Odyssey Project: My Name Is Nobody (literature/drama)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
The Official Asian Music Chart (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Official Chart with Greg James (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Organist Entertains (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Paul Franks Show (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Penny Dreadfuls Present (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The People (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Popular Music Show (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Quay Sessions (live music/variety)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Radio 2 Arts Show with Jonathan Ross (culture/arts)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Railway People (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Rap Show with Charlie Sloth (urban music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Reunion (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Rewind (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Rita Rudner Show (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Saints Show (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Scrimmage (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Scrum (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Secret Life of Welsh Food (food/home)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Self Employment Paradox (documentary)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
The Shock (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Shuttleworths (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Soul and Motown Show (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sports Hour (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sports Hub (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sports Hub: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sports Hub: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sports Store (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Stephen Jardine Programme (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Sunday Gardening Show (ecology/garden/rural)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sunday Hour (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sunday News (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Sunday Programme (religion/beliefs)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Sunday Request Show (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Surgery with Gemma and Dr Radha (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Tom Robinson Show (eclectic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The Unbelievable Truth (quiz)   (i)  (8 broadcasts)
The Unexplainers (funny)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
The Untold (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
The Verb (literature/drama)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
The Verdict (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The Vinny Hurrell Show (pop/rock music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The West Midlands Football Phone-In (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
The World This Weekend (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
The World Tonight (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Thinking Allowed (science/tech)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Thordis Fridriksson (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Three Counties 5-0-5 (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Three Counties Sport (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Through the Night (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Thursday Night Football Show (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tim Addicott (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tim Manns (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tim Pollard (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tim Smith (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Toby Foster at Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Toby Foster: The Phone in (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Today (news)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Today in Parliament (politics/issues)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Today’s North East (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Toddla T (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Tom Parry's Fancy Dressed Life (funny)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Tom Ravenscroft (dance/electronic music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tommy Sandhu (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Toni McDonald (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Tony Blackburn (miscellaneous)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tony Blackburn on BBC Radio Berkshire (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tony Blackburn's Golden Hour (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tony Fisher (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tony Gillham on BBC Radio Jersey (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Tony Lyman (talk)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Tony Snell in the Morning (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Total Sport (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tracey Ward (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Travelling Folk (world music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Treasure Quest (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Treasure Quest (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Treasure Quest (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Treasure Quest Extra Time (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Trevor Nelson (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Trevor Nelson's Rhythm Nation (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tuesday Extra (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Tumanbay (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Tweet of the Day (science/tech)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Twentyman Talks Back (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Twin B (urban music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Ujima Radio (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
UK Black (special interest)   (i)  (podcast)
Uncle Mort's Celtic Fringe (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Unforgettable (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Unforgettable with Bob Roberts (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Unmissable (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Up a Gum Tree (food/home)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Up All Night (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Up the Garden Path (funny)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Upfront (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Val Armstrong (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Vanessa Feltz (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Vanessa Feltz (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Verity Cowley (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Vic Galloway (eclectic music)   (i)  (4 broadcasts)
Vic Minett (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Vic Morgan (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Vicki Blight (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Vicki Clark (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Vintage Vinyl (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Voices (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Wah Yan Jee Sing (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Wake Up to Money (news)   (i)  (1 broadcast+podcast)
Walk Right Back (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Wally Webb (magazine)   (i)  (5 broadcasts)
Wayne Bavin (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Weather (weather)   (i)  (14 broadcasts)
Week in Westminster (politics/issues)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
Weekend Breakfast (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Weekend Kick-Off (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
West Yorkshire Sport Daily (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
West Yorkshire Sport: Commentary (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
West Yorkshire Sport: Post-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
West Yorkshire Sport: Pre-match (sports)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
West Yorkshire Sport: Rugby League (sports)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Westenders (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Westminster Hour (politics/issues)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Who Goes There? (quiz)   (i)  (3 broadcasts)
Whodunnit? (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (quiz)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Wilkie Collins - No Name (literature/drama)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Will Gompertz (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
William Wright (magazine)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
With Great Pleasure (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Woman's Hour (magazine)   (i)  (8 broadcasts+podcast)
Women with a Past (documentary)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Word of Mouth (culture/arts)   (i)  (4 broadcasts+podcast)
Words and Music (classical music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
World at One (news)   (i)  (2 broadcasts+podcast)
World on 3 (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Wynne Evans (culture/arts)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Yasmeen Khan (talk)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Yasmin Evans (pop/rock music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Yasser (world music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Yesterday in Parliament (politics/issues)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Yorkshire Brass (classical music)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
You and Yours (talk)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)
Your Country (country/bluegrass music)   (i)  (1 broadcast)
Your Place and Mine (magazine)   (i)  (2 broadcasts)