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Feedback, corrections is developed and edited by Kevin A. Kelly. This site and its database copyright © 2001-2023, Kevin A. Kelly (except for some BBC data which was supported by but is outdated since they stopped updating mid-2017).

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Quick start

To get started on, set your time zone, then use the main menu in the left column to navigate the site. Station names (with color backgrounds) link to online audio. Follow the (i) link next to any station or program to search our database for schedule listings and web links.

Later you can customize the site to fit your preferences such as favorite programs and stations.

Audio software downloads

Your computer probably already has the audio programs needed to listen to most audio streams; if not, they can be downloaded for free. Here are the several types of streams and the software needed for each.

format usage link extensions player download
[MP3] MP3 5700 streams .pls, .m3u, .mp3 Winamp, VLC, iTunes, and others
[Ogg] HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) 2550 streams .m3u8 VLC or MPC-HC
[aac+] aacPlus 1800 streams .pls, .aac Winamp or VLC
[Flash] Flash Player 500 streams .flv, rtmp: Flash Player
[WM] Windows Media 250 streams .asx, .wma, .wmv, .wax, mms: Windows Media Player
[DASH] MPEG-DASH 230 streams .mpd VLC 3.0
[Ogg] Ogg Vorbis 90 streams .pls, .ogg Winamp or VLC
[Real] Real Media 60 streams .ra, .ram, .rm, .rmm, .smi, .smil Real Player
[YouTube] YouTube 50 streams n/a any web browser

Setting preferences

Here are the things that you can customize on this site: The settings are stored locally by your web browser, using cookies. If you've disabled the cookies feature of your web browser, there is no way for the information to be retained (because doesn't keep any personal information about you and doesn't store your preferences).

Miscellaneous information

Color code: The background color of each audio link represents the station's geographic location, as follows:
USA Canada rest of Americas Europe Middle East/Africa Asia Pacific