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VOA English Global

1 of 66 streams from Voice of America

Location: Washington, DC, USA
Format: international
Language: English

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Programs in our database:
MTuWThFSaSu 12:00m-12:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF 12:05a-12:30a Daybreak Africa (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Sa 12:05a-12:30a Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
Su 12:05a-12:30a Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThF 12:30a- 1:00a International Edition (i) (news, VOA)
Sa 12:30a- 1:00a Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Su 12:30a- 1:00a Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  1:00a- 1:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  1:05a- 1:30a Daybreak Africa (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Sa  1:05a- 1:30a Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  1:05a- 1:30a Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThF  1:30a- 2:00a International Edition (i) (news, VOA)
Sa  1:30a- 2:00a Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  1:30a- 2:00a Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  2:00a- 2:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  2:05a- 2:30a Daybreak Africa (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Sa  2:05a- 2:30a Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  2:05a- 2:30a Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThF  2:30a- 3:00a International Edition (i) (news, VOA)
Sa  2:30a- 3:00a Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  2:30a- 3:00a Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  3:00a- 3:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  3:05a- 4:00a VOA1 The Hits with Larry London (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  4:00a- 4:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  4:05a- 5:00a VOA1 The Hits with Larry London (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  5:00a- 5:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  5:05a- 6:00a VOA1 The Hits with Larry London (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  6:00a- 6:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  6:05a- 7:00a VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  7:00a- 7:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  7:05a- 8:00a VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  8:00a- 8:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  8:05a- 8:30a VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Sa  8:05a- 8:30a Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
Su  8:05a- 8:30a Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThF  8:30a- 9:00a Learning English (i) (language, VOA)
Sa  8:30a- 9:00a Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Su  8:30a- 9:00a Music Alley (i) (live music/variety, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  9:00a- 9:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  9:05a- 9:30a VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
SaSu  9:05a-10:00a Jazz America (i) (jazz music, VOA)
MTuWThF  9:30a-10:00a Learning English (i) (language, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu 10:00a-10:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF 10:05a-10:30a VOA1 The Hits with Shawna Renee (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Sa 10:05a-10:30a Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su 10:05a-10:30a Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThF 10:30a-11:00a Learning English (i) (language, VOA)
Sa 10:30a-11:00a VOA1 The Hits with Shawna Renee (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Su 10:30a-11:00a Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu 11:00a-11:05a VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
Sa 11:05a-11:30a Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
Su 11:05a-11:30a Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThF 11:05a-12:00n Border Crossings (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Sa 11:30a-12:00n Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Su 11:30a-12:00n Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu 12:00n-12:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
SaSu 12:05p- 1:00p Nightline Africa (i) (regional/local affairs, VOA)
MTuWThF 12:05p-12:30p Africa News Tonight (i) (world affairs, VOA)
MTuWThF 12:30p- 1:00p Sonny Side of Sports (i) (sports, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  1:00p- 1:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  1:05p- 1:30p International Edition (i) (news, VOA)
Sa  1:05p- 1:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  1:05p- 1:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
 1:30p- 2:00p Let's Talk (i) (talk, VOA)
Tu  1:30p- 2:00p Health Chat (i) (health, VOA)
 1:30p- 2:00p Up Front (i) (talk, VOA)
Th  1:30p- 2:00p Reporters' Roundtable (i) (world affairs, VOA)
 1:30p- 2:00p Sonny Side of Sports (i) (sports, VOA)
Sa  1:30p- 2:00p Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  1:30p- 2:00p Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  2:00p- 2:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  2:05p- 2:30p Africa News Tonight (i) (world affairs, VOA)
SaSu  2:05p- 3:00p Nightline Africa (i) (regional/local affairs, VOA)
MTuWThF  2:30p- 3:00p Sonny Side of Sports (i) (sports, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  3:00p- 3:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  3:05p- 3:30p International Edition (i) (news, VOA)
Sa  3:05p- 3:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Su  3:05p- 3:30p Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  4:00p- 4:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThF  4:05p- 5:00p African Beat (i) (world music, VOA)
SaSu  4:05p- 5:00p Music Time in Africa (i) (world music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  5:00p- 5:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
 5:05p- 6:00p Soul Lounge (i) (urban music, VOA)
Tu  5:05p- 6:00p VOA1 The Hits with Larry London (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
W  5:05p- 6:00p VOA1 The Hits with Larry London (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Th  5:05p- 6:00p Today's Hit Countdown (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
 5:05p- 6:00p Music Time in Africa (i) (world music, VOA)
Sa  5:05p- 6:00p VOA1 The Hits with Larry London (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Su  5:05p- 6:00p Country Hits (i) (country/bluegrass music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  6:00p- 6:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThSu  6:05p- 6:30p VOA Asia (i) (regional/local affairs, VOA)
 6:05p- 6:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Sa  6:05p- 6:30p Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThSu  6:30p- 7:00p Learning English (i) (language, VOA)
 6:30p- 7:00p Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Sa  6:30p- 7:00p Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  7:00p- 7:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThSu  7:05p- 7:30p VOA Asia (i) (regional/local affairs, VOA)
 7:05p- 7:30p Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
Sa  7:05p- 7:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThSu  7:30p- 8:00p Learning English (i) (language, VOA)
 7:30p- 8:00p VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
Sa  7:30p- 8:00p VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  8:00p- 8:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  8:05p- 9:00p VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu  9:00p- 9:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
 9:05p- 9:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Sa  9:05p- 9:30p Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThSu  9:05p-10:00p VOA1 The Hits with Nikki Strong (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
 9:30p-10:00p Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)
Sa  9:30p-10:00p Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu 10:00p-10:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu 10:05p-11:00p VOA1 The Hits with Shawna Renee (i) (pop/rock music, VOA)
MTuWThFSaSu 11:00p-11:05p VOA News (i) (news, VOA)
MTuWThSu 11:05p-11:30p Daybreak Africa (i) (world affairs, VOA)
11:05p-11:30p Issues in the News (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Sa 11:05p-11:30p Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
MTuWThSu 11:30p-12:00m International Edition (i) (news, VOA)
11:30p-12:00m Press Conference USA (i) (politics/issues, VOA)
Sa 11:30p-12:00m Plugged In (i) (world affairs, VOA)