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1 of 2 streams from KGNU

Location: Boulder, CO, USA
Format: free-form/variety/community
Language: English

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Programs in our database:
12:00m- 2:00a Dub Palace (i) (dance/electronic music, KGNU)
Tu 12:00m- 2:00a Present Edge (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
12:00m- 2:00a Heavy Set (i) (jazz music, KGNU)
Th 12:00m- 2:00a Reggae Transfusion (i) (world music, KGNU)
12:00m- 2:00a Jazz Lives (i) (jazz music, KGNU)
Sa  1:00a- 2:00a Smash It Back (i) (pop/rock music, KGNU)
Su  1:00a- 2:00a Under the Floorboards (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
MTuWThFSaSu  2:00a- 5:00a Sleepless Nights (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
 5:00a- 7:00a Restless Mornings (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
TuWThF  5:00a- 7:30a Restless Mornings (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
Sa  5:00a- 8:00a Restless Mornings (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
Su  5:00a- 9:00a Restless Mornings (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
 7:00a- 7:30a Early Morning News (i) (news, KGNU)
 7:30a- 8:00a Counterspin (i) (media, FAIR)
TuWThF  7:30a- 8:00a Community Public Radio News (i) (politics/issues)
MTuWThF  8:00a- 8:06a BBC News Bulletin (i) (news, BBC WS)
Sa  8:00a-11:00a Honky Tonk Heroes (i) (country/bluegrass music, KGNU)
MTuWTh  8:06a- 8:50a Outlook (i) (magazine, BBC WS)
 8:06a- 8:50a Fifth Floor (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
MTuWThF  8:50a- 9:00a Witness History (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
MTuWThF  9:00a-10:00a Democracy Now (i) (politics/issues, Pacifica)
Su  9:00a-11:00a Gospel Chime Hour (i) (gospel music, KGNU)
MTuWThF 10:00a-10:30a KGNU Morning Magazine (i) (magazine, KGNU)
10:30a-11:00a A Public Affair (i) (magazine, KGNU)
Tu 10:30a-11:00a How on Earth (i) (science/tech, KGNU)
WTh 10:30a-11:30a A Public Affair (i) (magazine, KGNU)
10:30a-11:30a Connections (i) (talk, KGNU)
Su 11:00a- 1:00p Roots and Branches (i) (folk music, KGNU)
Sa 11:00a- 2:00p Old Grass Gnu Grass (i) (country/bluegrass music, KGNU)
11:00a-11:30a Counterspin (i) (media, FAIR)
Tu 11:00a-11:30a Alan Watts (i) (religion/beliefs, KGNU)
MTuWThF 11:30a- 2:00p Sound Alternative (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
Su  1:00p- 2:00p E-Town (i) (eclectic music)
Su  2:00p- 2:30p Tributaries (i) (religion/beliefs, KGNU)
Sa  2:00p- 3:00p Terrasonic (i) (world music, KGNU)
MTuWThF  2:00p- 5:00p Sound Alternative (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
Su  2:30p- 3:00p Living Dialogues (i) (religion/beliefs, KGNU)
Su  3:00p- 4:00p New Dimensions (i) (religion/beliefs)
Sa  3:00p- 6:00p Reggae Bloodlines (i) (world music, KGNU)
Su  4:00p- 4:30p Bioneers (i) (ecology/garden/rural, WFMT)
Su  4:30p- 5:00p WINGS (i) (special interest)
MTuWTh  5:00p- 5:30p Metro (i) (talk, KGNU)
 5:00p- 5:30p Metro Arts (i) (culture/arts, KGNU)
Su  5:00p- 6:00p Indian Voices (i) (special interest, KGNU)
 5:30p- 6:00p Shortwave Report (i) (media, KZYX)
Tu  5:30p- 6:00p Making Contact (i) (politics/issues, NRP)
 5:30p- 6:00p Between the Lines (i) (politics/issues, WPKN)
Th  5:30p- 6:00p TUC Radio (i) (politics/issues)
 6:00p- 7:00p Ralph Nader (i) (politics/issues)
Tu  6:00p- 7:00p Reveal (i) (documentary, PRX)
 6:00p- 7:00p Thom Hartmann (i) (politics/issues, Pacifica)
Th  6:00p- 7:00p Economic Update (i) (politics/issues)
Sa  6:00p- 8:00p African Roots (i) (world music, KGNU)
Su  6:30p- 7:00p Peace Talks Radio (i) (politics/issues)
MTuWThF  7:00p- 8:00p Newshour (i) (news, BBC WS)
Tu  8:00p- 9:00p Hemispheres (i) (world affairs, KGNU)
 8:00p- 9:00p Alternative Radio (i) (politics/issues)
Th  8:00p- 9:00p It's the Economy (i) (business, KGNU)
SaSu  8:00p- 9:00p Newshour (i) (news, BBC WS)
 8:00p-11:00p Blues Legacy (i) (blues music, KGNU)
 8:30p- 9:00p Outsources (i) (special interest, KGNU)
 9:00p-10:00p Opera Box (i) (classical music, KGNU)
Tu  9:00p-10:00p Kabaret (i) (live music/variety, KGNU)
 9:00p-10:00p Seolta Gael (i) (folk music, KGNU)
Th  9:00p-10:00p Highway 322 (i) (folk music, KGNU)
Sa  9:00p-10:00p Sound Lab (i) (eclectic music, KGNU)
Su  9:00p-12:00m Eclipse (i) (pop/rock music, KGNU)
Th 10:00p-11:00p Ragtime or Dixieland (i) (jazz music, KGNU)
Sa 10:00p-11:00p Grateful Dead Hour (i) (pop/rock music)
10:00p-12:00m Classic Monday (i) (classical music, KGNU)
Tu 10:00p-12:00m Corriente (i) (latin music, KGNU)
10:00p-12:00m Musica Mundi (i) (world music, KGNU)
11:00p- 1:00a Dusty Grooves (i) (urban music, KGNU)
Sa 11:00p- 1:00a Electronic Air (i) (dance/electronic music, KGNU)
Th 11:00p-12:00m Swing Shift (i) (older popular music, KGNU)