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China Radio International

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China Radio International web site

Stations and streams from this source

Follow the (i) link next to any station for schedule listings and other information.
CRI China Plus 846 [HLS][HLS][MP3][HLS]    (international/news/variety)       (i)  (38 listings)
CRI Chinese Global [HLS][HLS][MP3]    (international, Chinese)       (i)  
CRI Discover Plus 1008 [HLS][HLS]    (international/news/variety)       (i)  (93 listings)
CRI EZFM [HLS][HLS][MP3]    (contemporary/variety, Multilingual)       (i)  (22 listings)
CRI Hakka [HLS][HLS][MP3]    (international, Min Nan)       (i)  
CRI Hit FM [HLS][HLS][MP3][HLS][HLS]    (international/contemporary, Multilingual)       (i)  
CRI Min Nan [HLS][HLS][MP3]    (international, Min Nan)       (i)  
CRI Nairobi [HLS][HLS]    (international, Multilingual)       (i)  (12 listings)
CRI Newsradio [HLS][HLS][MP3][HLS]    (news, Chinese)       (i)  
CRI Sri Lanka [MP3]    (international, Multilingual)       (i)  
CRI Strait [HLS][HLS]    (international, Chinese)       (i)  
CRI Turk FM [MP3]    (international/variety, Turkish)       (i)  
CRI Vo South China Sea [HLS][HLS][MP3][HLS]    (international, Multilingual)       (i)  
Perth 104.9 [MP3]    (international/community, Chinese)       (i)  
Perth 90.5 [MP3]    (international)       (i)  
WJTP [MP3]    (international, Chinese)       (i)