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Non-music programs on now

Listings included: non-music programs on now (Saturday 11:07p EDT)
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 6:00p-12:00m KPBZ [MP3][aac+] (i)PRX Remix (i) (documentary, PRX)
 Also on PRX Remix [MP3][aac+] (i), WBOI 3 [MP3] (i), WFAE 3 [MP3] (i), WREM [MP3] (i)
 7:00p- 1:00a BBC Asian Network [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Manchester [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Cumbria [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 7:00p- 2:00a BBC R Foyle [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Ulster [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 7:23p- 1:23a IRIB WS 8 English [WM][Flash][HLS][HLS][HLS] (i)Pars Today (i) (international service, IRIB (Iran))
 8:00p-12:00m C-SPAN 2 [HLS] (i)Book TV (i) (literature/drama, C-SPAN)
 8:00p- 1:00a BBC R Suffolk [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Jersey [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 8:00p-12:00m BBC R Merseyside [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 8:00p- 1:00a BBC R Cambridgeshire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Northampton [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC Hereford and Worcester [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC Tees [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Berkshire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Cornwall [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Scotland FM [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R York [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Shropshire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Leeds [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC Wiltshire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Lincolnshire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 8:00p-12:00m BBC R Gloucestershire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 8:00p- 1:00a BBC R Oxford [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Sheffield [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC Essex [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Derby [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC Three Counties R [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC Coventry and Warwickshire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Humberside [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 8:00p-12:00m BBC R5 Live [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)Up All Night (i) (news, BBC)
 8:00p- 1:00a BBC R Guernsey [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 8:00p-12:30a BBC Sussex [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 8:00p- 1:00a BBC Newcastle [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Devon [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 8:00p-12:30a BBC Surrey [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 8:00p- 1:00a BBC R Leicester [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 Also on BBC R Scotland MW [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Stoke [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Nottingham [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Norfolk [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WM [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)
 8:40p-12:00m RNZ Pacific [MP3][aac+][aac+] (i)Standing Room Only (i) (culture/arts, RNZ (New Zealand))
 Also on RNZ National [MP3][aac+][aac+] (i)
 9:00p-12:00m WHA [MP3][aac+][MP3] (i)Old Time Radio Drama (i) (literature/drama, WPR)
 9:00p-12:00m WFAE [MP3] (i)PRX Remix (i) (documentary, PRX)
 9:00p-12:00m KUWS [MP3] (i)Old Time Radio Drama (i) (literature/drama, WPR)
 Also on WRFW [MP3] (i)
 9:00p- 1:00a RTE R1 [MP3][MP3] (i)RTE Radio 1 Through The Night (i) (miscellaneous, RTE (Ireland))
 9:00p- 3:00a RHC Idiomas [WM] (i)Radio Havana Cuba (i) (international service, ICRT (Cuba))
 9:00p-12:30a BBC R Kent [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 9:00p- 1:00a BBC R London [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)David Prever (i) (talk, BBC)
 9:00p- 1:00a BBC R Lancashire [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)As BBC Radio 5 live (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
10:00p-11:30p DZRP R Pilipinas [Ogg] (i)Radio Pilipinas (i) (international service, PBS (Phillipines))
10:00p-11:30p ERTU Farsi [Flash][Flash] (i)Radio Cairo international service (i) (international service, ERTU (Egypt))
 Also on ERTU Swahili [Flash][Flash][Flash] (i)
10:00p-12:00m WRVO [MP3] (i)Tuned to Yesterday (i) (literature/drama, WRVO)
10:00p-12:00m CRI News Plus [HLS][HLS] (i)Today (i) (magazine, CRI (China))
10:00p- 1:00a VOV 24/7 English [HLS][Flash] (i)Voice of Vietnam (i) (international service, VOV (Vietnam))
10:00p- 4:00a RRI VOI English [Flash][Flash] (i)Voice of Indonesia (i) (international service, RRI (Indonesia))
10:05p- 4:30a ABC Grandstand [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)Grandstand (i) (sports, ABC)
 Also on ABC Newcastle [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Western Plains [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)
10:50p-11:20p Vatican R 4 (America/ME) [MP3] (i)Vatican Feature Programme (i) (religion/beliefs, Vatican R)
11:00p-11:30p ABC Alice Springs [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)Main Ingredient (i) (food/home, ABC)
 Also on ABC North and West [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Adelaide [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Darwin [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)
11:00p-11:30p ABC R National NT [MP3][aac+] (i)Best Practice (i) (talk, ABC)
 Also on ABC R National SA [MP3][aac+] (i)
11:00p-11:30p RTVS R Slovakia Int [MP3][MP3] (i)Radio Slovakia International (i) (international service, RTVS (Slovakia))
11:00p-11:30p Vatican R 2 (Asia/Africa) [MP3] (i)Vatican Radio for Africa (i) (religion/beliefs, Vatican R)
 Also on Vatican R 7 (NileSat) [MP3] (i)
11:00p-11:55p VOT World [HLS][Flash] (i)Voice of Turkey (i) (international service, TRT (Turkey))
11:00p-12:00m WBEZ [MP3][MP3][MP3][MP3] (i)Moth Radio Hour (i) (stories, PRX)
11:00p-12:00m WRN Eng NAm [MP3][WM] (i)Radio Poland (i) (international service, Polish R)
11:00p-12:00m WILL-AM [MP3] (i)Commonwealth Club of Calif. (i) (lecture, KQED)
11:00p-12:00m KNOW [MP3][aac+][Flash] (i)Studio 360 (i) (culture/arts, PRI)
11:00p-12:00m KPBS [MP3] (i)Ask Me Another (i) (quiz, NPR)
11:00p-12:00m WNYC-AM [MP3][WM][aac+][MP3] (i)Tavis Smiley Show (i) (talk, PRI)
11:00p-12:00m KERA [MP3][aac+][MP3] (i)Moth Radio Hour (i) (stories, PRX)
11:00p-12:00m KOPB [aac+][MP3][aac+][MP3][aac+] (i)Snap Judgment (i) (stories, NYPR)
11:00p-12:00m KQED [MP3] (i)Selected Shorts (i) (stories, PRI/NYPR)
11:00p-12:00m KWSU [MP3][MP3][MP3] (i)TED Radio Hour (i) (lecture, NPR)
11:00p-12:00m KAZU [MP3][MP3] (i)Says You (i) (quiz)
11:00p-12:00m KBSX [MP3] (i)Commonwealth Club of Calif. (i) (lecture, KQED)
11:00p-12:00m KCLU-FM [MP3][aac+] (i)Backstory (i) (documentary)
11:00p-12:00m KJZZ [MP3][aac+][aac+][MP3] (i)Innovation Hub (i) (talk, PRI/WGBH)
11:00p-12:00m KTOO [MP3][aac+] (i)Snap Judgment (i) (stories, NYPR)
 Also on WUFT [MP3] (i)
11:00p-12:00m C-SPAN R [Flash] (i)Book TV (i) (literature/drama, C-SPAN)
11:00p-12:00m KUHF [MP3][aac+][MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)On the Media (i) (media, NYPR)
11:00p-12:00m WXXI-AM [MP3][aac+] (i)Weekend Radio (i) (funny, Ideastream)
 Also on KUCO [Flash] (i)
11:00p-12:00m CRI Beijing 1008 [HLS][HLS] (i)Beijing Hour (i) (magazine, CRI (China))
11:00p-12:00m KBS World R English 24 [Flash][HLS] (i)KBS World Radio (i) (international service, KBS (Korea))
11:00p-12:00m KCPB [MP3] (i)New Orleans Calling (i) (documentary, WWOZ)
11:00p-12:00m KHNS [MP3] (i)This American Life (i) (stories, PRX/Chi PM)
11:00p-12:00m KHPR [MP3] (i)Studio 360 (i) (culture/arts, PRI)
11:00p-12:00m KJJP 2 [MP3] (i)Fresh Air Weekend (i) (culture/arts, NPR/WHYY)
11:00p-12:00m KPFT 3 [MP3][MP3] (i)Hard Knock Radio (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
11:00p-12:00m KSKA [MP3] (i)Snap Judgment (i) (stories, NYPR)
 Also on KUAC 2 [aac+] (i)
11:00p-12:00m KVCR [MP3] (i)Hearing Voices (i) (documentary, NPR)
11:00p-12:00m NPR Berlin [MP3] (i)Weekend All Things Considered (i) (news, NPR)
 Also on NPR Program Stream [MP3][MP3] (i)
11:00p-12:00m PRI [MP3][MP3][MP3] (i)Living on Earth (i) (ecology/garden/rural, PRI)
11:00p-12:00m R Romania Intl 1 [MP3][WM][aac+][MP3][WM] (i)Radio Romania International (i) (international service, SRR (Romania))
11:00p-12:00m RFI English [MP3][MP3] (i)Radio France International (i) (international service, FMM (France))
11:00p-12:00m RTI Western/Dialect [Flash] (i)Radio Taiwan International (i) (international service, RTI (Taiwan))
11:00p-12:00m TAL [MP3][aac+][MP3][aac+] (i)This American Life (i) (stories, PRX/Chi PM)
11:00p-12:00m WABE 3 [MP3][MP3][aac+] (i)Bullseye (i) (talk, PRI)
11:00p-12:00m WCMU 2 [MP3] (i)Best of Car Talk (i) (funny, NPR/WBUR)
11:00p-12:00m WETS 2 [MP3] (i)New Orleans Calling (i) (documentary, WWOZ)
11:00p-12:00m WRKF 2 [MP3] (i)This American Life (i) (stories, PRX/Chi PM)
11:00p-12:00m WRN Eng AAP [MP3][WM][WM] (i)Radio Poland (i) (international service, Polish R)
11:00p-12:00m WRVO 2 [MP3] (i)PRX Remix (i) (documentary, PRX)
11:00p-12:00m WSUF [MP3] (i)Fresh Air Weekend (i) (culture/arts, NPR/WHYY)
11:00p- 2:00a PR R Poland English [MP3][aac+][WM][Flash][Flash] (i)Radio Poland (i) (international service, Polish R)
11:00p-12:00m BBC R Bristol [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)Somer Valley FM (i) (talk, BBC)
11:00p-12:30a BBC R4 Extra [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)Shirley Gee - Moonshine (i) (literature/drama, BBC)
11:00p-12:00m BBC Somerset [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)Somer Valley FM (i) (talk, BBC)
11:00p-12:00m BBC R6 Music [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i)Paperback Writers (i) (culture/arts, BBC)
11:05p-11:30p ABC R National NSW [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)Earshot (i) (documentary, ABC)
11:05p-11:30p VOA English Global [MP3][MP3][MP3][MP3] (i)Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
 Also on VOA English Africa [MP3][MP3] (i)
11:05p-11:30p ABC R National QLD [MP3][aac+] (i)Earshot (i) (documentary, ABC)
 Also on ABC R National TAS [MP3][aac+] (i), ABC R National VIC [MP3][aac+] (i)
11:05p-11:30p VOA Somali [MP3][MP3] (i)Encounter (i) (talk, VOA)
 Also on VOA Swahili [MP3][MP3] (i)
11:05p-12:00m CBAM (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i)The House (i) (politics/issues, CBC)
 Also on CBCT (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBD (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBHA (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBIS (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBN (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBZF (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBT (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CBY (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i), CFGB (CBC R1) [MP3][HLS] (i)
11:05p- 1:00a ABC R Australia [MP3][aac+][HLS][HLS][Flash] (i)Weekends with Phil Smith (i) (talk, ABC)
 Also on ABC Far North [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Gippsland [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Gold Coast [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Goldfields [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Goulburn Murray [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Kimberley [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC NW QLD [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC NW WA [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Northern TAS [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Australia Multilingual [MP3][aac+][HLS][HLS][Flash] (i), ABC R Brisbane [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Canberra [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Hobart [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Melbourne [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Perth [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC R Sydney [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC SW WA [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Southern QLD [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i), ABC Western QLD [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)
11:06p-11:30p ABC News R [MP3][aac+][HLS] (i)The Inquiry (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
11:06p-12:00m NRK All Nyheter [MP3][aac+][MP3][aac+][MP3] (i)Documentary or Book Club (i) (miscellaneous, BBC WS)
 Also on KCRW News [MP3][aac+][MP3][MP3] (i), BBC WS News [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS Americas [MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R4 [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS UK [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R4 LW [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS W Africa [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC R Wales [MP3][MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), WBAA-AM [MP3] (i), WUOM [MP3][HLS] (i), KWGS [MP3][aac+] (i), WBOI [MP3][aac+] (i), WCPN [MP3][MP3] (i), WEVO [MP3][MP3] (i), WHYY [MP3] (i), WICA [MP3] (i), Campus FM [WM] (i), KCFR [MP3][aac+] (i), KSTX [MP3] (i), WBFO [MP3][aac+] (i), WBST [Flash] (i), WCBU [MP3][MP3] (i), WESM [MP3] (i), WFPL [MP3][MP3] (i), WNJY [MP3][WM][aac+][MP3] (i), WOI-AM [MP3] (i), WPLN-AM [MP3] (i), WSHU-AM [MP3] (i), WITF [MP3] (i), WKSU 4 [MP3][aac+] (i), WKAR-AM [MP3] (i), WELH [MP3][aac+][MP3][MP3] (i), R Anguilla [WM] (i), BBC WS Australasia [HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS E Africa [MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS E Asia [MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS Europe [MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), BBC WS S Asia [MP3][HLS][HLS] (i), ERR R Tallinn [MP3][Ogg][MP3][Ogg] (i), GBN K105 [MP3] (i), KAMU 2 [MP3][Ogg][MP3][Ogg] (i), KANU 2 [MP3] (i), KRCC 2 [MP3] (i), KSJK [MP3] (i), KTTZ 3 [MP3] (i), KUAF 3 [MP3] (i), KUSU 2 [MP3] (i), KWBU [Flash] (i), R Cayman 1 [HLS] (i), SR P6 [MP3][aac+][MP3][aac+][MP3] (i), WCVE 2 [MP3] (i), WDDE [MP3] (i), WFIU 2 [MP3][MP3] (i), WLRH 3 [MP3][HLS] (i), WNNZ [MP3] (i), WQQQ [MP3] (i), WRVO 3 [MP3] (i), WTSU 3 [MP3] (i), WUAL 3 [MP3][MP3] (i), WUOT 2 [MP3] (i), WVPE 2 [MP3] (i), WVPS 3 [MP3] (i), WVTF [MP3][aac+] (i), WYBC [MP3] (i), WYPR 2 [MP3][aac+] (i), WYQS [MP3] (i), WZNB [MP3] (i), ZIZ [MP3] (i), Zet [MP3] (i)